Medeer has produced webbing slings since 2012, become a leading enterprise in the rigging hardware industry in the south China.
We manufacture webbing slings from 1 tons up to 40 tons in accordance to international standards in reference to weight, colors and safety factors.
Depending on the requirements of our customer’ demands our slings are produced in:
·100% Polyester ( HIGH TENACITY ) achieving more resistance and durability.


Endless slings, are slings which are more versatile that exists in the market due to its adaptability to numerous applications.
With the proper handling of the endless sling ( turning its position to avoid the wearing out in the same place ), it stretches the useful life span of the sling.
We only produced in 100% polyester.
Depending on its use, they can be divided into reusable and non-reusable.

Example of Applications

Working Load Table