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About us

Medeer Rigging Hardware Co., Ltd has become a leading enterprise in the rigging hardware industry, which is integrating R&D, production and sales since it’s establishment in 2012.

It has become a bench-marking enterprise in the South China region, and its brand “Medeer” is specialized in manufacturer the various kinds of rigging hardware, such as webbing sling, round sling, endless sling, safety harness, ratchet tie down, tow straps, ratchet buckle and hook so on.

It’s widely used in logistics, shipping, construction, aerospace, military port and other fields.

Medeer is always focus on quality, safety and sustainability leads to cost-reduction and therefore profit.

We based upon consistent production systems and the highest-quality products, covered by EN 1492-1 and EN 12195-2 standard.

In consequence, our products have been highly recognized for their international quality reliability through overseas export and domestic sales.

We believe that our company can become a successful partner of your companies based on our endless development spirit and passion for quality improvement, and we promise that we will become a company that can be loved and trusted for a long time.

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